Saturday, June 20, 2009

Remember back in the early 80's when Everyone was racing BMX bikes and ET commercialized it when they road the Kuwahara bike through the silhouette of the moon..... Well I was one of those guys who raced BMX, and I was pretty good I must say... I started out with a Schwinn Predator and graduated to a GT pro series... But there were two bikes that I couldn't let go of. One i've forgotten and the other still haunts my must have list.... The SE Racing PK Ripper!!!! They had the best team, the best bike, the best colorways.... way ahead of the curve. And now that i'm 37 years old and still skate, surf, snowboard and ride a fixed gear... They have done it again... the SEracing fixie...oh yeah!!!! Gotta love it... Check out both colors, sick!

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