Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Rhino collective has some great prints for sale that you should checkout at:
Here are some of the images....

Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey from Arkitip on Vimeo.

San Diego fixed gear show

Mercedes Benz - Folding Pushbike

Western Edition - Miles ‘59 Quintet Skateboards

Kent and his team at FTC really do some classy work for Western Edition. For those of you that don't know. Western Edition is a area in San Francisco that a lot of skaters lived in at some point while in SF. It's also a few blocks north of The Haight and the FTC / SFO locations. Check the Miles artwork... Kent you did it again much respect.

Western Eiditon just came out with some classic skate decks featuring Miles ‘59 Quintet for the Spring/Summer 2009 season. Western Edition has been consistently releasing unique decks recently. These boards would be good to skate on i’m sure but since i can’t skate for shit i think i’d rather grab all 5 and hang em on my wall. Oh yeah keep an eye out for the SNEAKHYPE deck coming soon.

Girl Skateboards ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ Decks

To celebrate Spike Jonze’s new film - based on Maurice Sendak’s children’s book - Where The Wild Things Are, Girl Skateboards designed five decks depicting characters from the movie. They’ve just arrived at Brooklyn Projects. Be sure to grab one quick if you’re interested. They won’t be around for too long.

Louis Vuitton Skateboard

Louis Vuitton is launching a collection inspired by Stephen Sprouse at their New York SoHo store. This skateboard is one of the 2 limited edition pieces available at that store. You’ll have to cough up $8,250 if you want one.

Limited Edition Thomas Campbell Art Deck..

Thomas Campbell Signed Skateboard Deck-Edition of 50
Hand Crafted.

Thomas Campbell signed skateboard deck in edition of 50, all boards are signed and numbered by the artist. Due to the fact that the tails on these boards are so intricate each one had to be cut by hand making all of the boards slightly different from one another. We’ve done all of this in an effort to help a friend of ours earn money to help pay for expenses related to health issues. A very special thank you to Thomas Campbell, Russ Pope and all of our friends at Black Box for all of their help with this project. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery, probably under 2 weeks but sometimes we get a little busy. -Thanks

$200.00 w/ free shipping (for US domestic orders)
international orders contact for shipping rate.

Fixed Gear Fashion

Not only are fixed gear bikes dominating traffic congested city streets but they’ve also managed to weasel their way into fashion show and on runways. Track bikes have come a long way since their existence and this photo shoot illustrates that these bikes, which were once used predominantly by male cyclists, are finding more homes than ever before.

Fixed Gear Tricks, Best Trick All-City Championship trailer

night ride

Jovontae Turner

Jovante Turner.... and a cameo by Kent from FTC... Good Guys

Tommy Guerrero

Tommy Guerrero

I have been fortunate enough to have been able to skate and spend time with some of the legends in Skateboarding... Tommy being one of them. A fond memory was when he played my old roommates birthday party when he was getting his music career started. We had the entire population of Haight street in our apartment.... There was even a guy walking around trying to sell "E". The next morning was spent trying to wash the foot prints of the wall... But it was well worth it for the memories.

Tommy Guerrero - Future Primitive - 1985

Stacey Peralta Starring In Charlie's Angels

Tony Alva - Dogtown And The Z-Boys

Mark Gonzales EA interview........ On Boredom
Natas Bio Pt.4

Natas Bio pt.3

Natas Bio Pt.2

Natas Kaupas...... street Skating legend BIO pt.1

Wow.... So the previous post spoke of two BMX companies that I loved and one was SE racing... the other I did not mention was Hutch... I did not mention them because it was not relevent to my point. But as I research , I find my friend Keith Hufnagel has gone and done it again.... The Hutchnagel Fixie..... Gotta give Keith his props on the collabs.... Good going my man.

Remember back in the early 80's when Everyone was racing BMX bikes and ET commercialized it when they road the Kuwahara bike through the silhouette of the moon..... Well I was one of those guys who raced BMX, and I was pretty good I must say... I started out with a Schwinn Predator and graduated to a GT pro series... But there were two bikes that I couldn't let go of. One i've forgotten and the other still haunts my must have list.... The SE Racing PK Ripper!!!! They had the best team, the best bike, the best colorways.... way ahead of the curve. And now that i'm 37 years old and still skate, surf, snowboard and ride a fixed gear... They have done it again... the SEracing fixie...oh yeah!!!! Gotta love it... Check out both colors, sick!
Film by Tom Concordia
Rider: Tak of Blends

A company that started out making bikes for professional cyclists decided to expand into a wider market. The result is customizable models for people who care about design as much as they enjoy a two-wheeled jaunt through the city. The company is called Funriki based out of Kyoto Japan. Check it out......

Inspirational Photos from Daniel Mansson

Fixed gear Japan

Spike Jonze's "Heaven"