Monday, June 29, 2009

I fell out of love with Magazines many years ago as I noticed the increase in the amount of ADs being run in my favorite monthly publications... I was a big fan of The Face, I-D, Interview, Tank, Surface, and many others that don't come to mind at the moment. I m still a fan of National Geo, Thrasher, Juxtapose, And many Japanese Fashion Publications that speak to our good ol' American way of being...uuumm, American.. Huge is one of my favs as well as Free&Easy. But! And I repeat..But! The only Magazine that I get absolutely bummed out when it's not on the stand is MONOCLE! This Magazine is a complete balance of style, culture, politics, travel and the arts. It's a cover to cover read for sure.... If you don't have friends that have already turned you on to it. It's been in circulation for about 2 years now and is the project of Tyler Brule, (Wallpaper Founder). This is a highly suggested monthly purchase if you are at all interested with things that are happening now outside your hood. For you LA people they opened a retail store in Brentwood where you can purchase collab products as well as back issues of the zine. Check It!

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